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our services

structural design

LDA provides a variety of design services for all types of projects and building materials. We have extensive experience in the design of concrete, steel, wood, and masonry structures of all shapes and sizes and in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada. Throughout any design process we will utilize building materials that are most suitable to the task at hand while maintaining a focus on budget and constructability.

preparation of contract documents services

LDA believes that the preparation of contract documents should be detailed yet simple to understand. We work to minimize and avoid change orders by applying a proactive approach to document preparation ensuring that all necessary information is included in the final set of contract documents.

construction phase services

LDA provides a variety of professional services as required during the tender and construction phases which includes: reviewing shop drawings, responding to contractor inquiries, construction site reviews, and providing certification of the construction work upon completion.

structural inspections

In addition to providing inspection services on projects designed and delivered by LDA, we also provide third party inspections for projects that may be out of town for another Engineer of Record or Project Manager (P.M.). In these situations, we work closely with the Engineer of Record/P.M. and the contractor to ensure the work is being performed correctly on site. We achieve this by thoroughly reviewing the prepared contract drawings in relation to what is being constructed on site and in turn prepare job site reports for both the contractor and the Engineer of Record to review.

evaluation of existing structures

LDA performs a thorough visual assessment of the structure and review existing drawings, specifications, and assessments of existing and/or structural foundation issues, when necessary. We also perform a thorough analysis to determine if the capacity of existing structures and individual components meets the requirements of the National and Provincial Building Codes with regards to the intended occupancy or a new occupancy requiring different design loads. This step is especially beneficial to the owners who plan to make changes to their existing buildings or structures. This information will be presented in a report designed to provide a “snapshot” of the condition of the building or structure in question.

feasibility studies

Feasibility studies may be required before a project can move forward. We’ll perform a study which evaluates possible options, preliminary costs, and the total scope of the work before confirming site selection, site influences (if necessary), and geotechnical studies to determine the best foundation options.

green building design

LDA is committed to being environmentally responsible, and we work to design buildings which are “green” and sustainable. By applying an Integrated Design Process where all parties including owners, consultants, and users meet to ‘design’ the building, we design structures and buildings which are cost-effective and have a minimal impact on the environment.

steel deck shop drawings

Steel deck is widely used roof and composite floor systems. By understanding steel deck strength and limitations our team will produce sealed steel deck shop drawings that provide our clients with sealed shop drawings for an efficient installation.

wall cladding & metal roof shop drawings

Working with architects building envelope design, our team will provide efficient construction and sealed fabrication shop drawings for metal wall cladding, composite metal panel, aluminum panel, insulated metal panel, cement board panel/siding, metal soffit and galvanized sub-girt support systems.

structural steel shop drawings

Structural steel is a major part of modern construction. Working with the architectural and structural design documents, we will provide our client sealed structural steel detailed shop drawings for efficient fabrication and erection.

rooftop anchors/ & life safety anchors

Roof top life safety anchors are often required to be pull tested and /or visually inspected in accordance with Work Place Health & Safety requirements. We can coordinate pull testing and visual inspections in order to provide certification of either new or existing roof top life safety anchors.

residential inspections services

LDA provides a multitude of residential services including structural home inspections for the buying or selling of your home in an effort to provide you with peace of mind for your investment. Other residentials services are the design of additions, renovations, exterior decks, gazebos, pools, garages, or anything you may be dreaming of. We also will work closely with designers for new custom homes to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

concrete restoration

LDA provides engineering services for concrete restoration to remediate the structural integrity of any deteriorated, cracked or delaminated concrete. Parking structures, foundation walls, exterior concrete balconies and pool decks are just a few items that we will use our expertise in for restoration of your building.

curtain wall & glass design

Intricate curtain wall and store-front glazing is becoming more common in building aesthetics.  We take the architectural design of the glazing system and complete the structural analysis of the components, connections and glass in the curtain wall system.  We also specialize in a variety of glass designs including glass guard rails and skylights where attention to detail is at the forefront.

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steel studs

LDA provides clear and accurate sealed steel stud shop drawings specific to the steel stud contractor’s project meeting their scheduling needs.  We are flexible in working with the steel stud contractor to ensure the most efficient steel stud system is being used which also meets the requirements of the National Building Code as per the intent of the architectural and structural drawings.  We are open in incorporating new innovative steel stud products.  We can also provide steel stud site inspections if required.

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