About Lavergne Draward &
Associates Inc.

who we are

Lavergne Draward & Associates Inc. (LDA) is a structural engineering firm founded in 1998 by Principals Julien Lavergne and Brad Draward based on the principles of creativity, personalization, and attention to detail. We believe that people are like plans: it’s important to read between the lines, and by mixing a large firm’s support with boutique-level care, we’ve developed lasting relationships with our clients which focus on delivering innovative and forward-thinking solutions in areas such as design services for new building construction, renovations, additions, and evaluations. We offer flexible planning and work hard to find exciting and functional design solutions which are as unique as our clients. Our projects are about showcasing creativity and transforming the urban landscape, and we’ll work closely with you during every step of the design and construction phases to make sure that your project is delivered on time, and on budget.

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our founding principals

julien lavergne

P. Eng., Founding Principal

Julien’s passion for engineering dates back to his youth when he worked in the construction field. After graduating from Red River College with his certificate in Structural Technology he continued his studies at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1983. After several years honing his craft with other engineering firms, Julien, along with his partner, Brad Draward founded Lavergne Draward & Associates Inc. in 1998. With more than three decades of experience, Julien has been actively involved in all types of projects in the institutional, health care, commercial, and residential fields as well as other sectors. He has designed buildings and managed projects of various sizes and shapes and has worked on countless other projects that included feasibility studies, building analysis, cost estimates and construction documentation.

Email: jlavergne@ldaeng.ca

brad draward

c.e.t., founding principal

After completing his post secondary studies in 1981, Brad accepted positions with first Contempora Steel Structures, then moving onto Smith Carter Architects and Engineers. Along with his principal Julien Lavergne, they formed LDA and Brad has never looked back. Brad specializes in steel, concrete, timber, foundation and masonry design. His casual style, innovative ideas and willingness to always go the extra mile, make him a client favorite. Brad works closely with architects, mechanical and electrical engineers to solve problems, ensure quality design and construction. He oversees the firms design department and is experienced in AutoCAD design and structural analysis.

Email: bdraward@ldaeng.ca

meet our team

talin gregory

p. eng, principal

Talin interest in buildings started at a very young age while watching his father build their first cottage almost completely by himself. The cottage was just the start though, throughout the years various other miscellaneous structures were built on the property like sheds and docks, all which Talin enjoyed being part of. Years later and after the construction of another family cottage it became clear the building construction world was definitely what Talin wanted to do. Therefor after high school Talin enrolled at Red River College where he completed his Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma, specializing in Structural Engineering. Realizing there was more to learn and having the desire to design buildings for a living Talin decided to move to Thunder Bay, Ontario to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Lakehead University. Shortly after graduation Talin joined the LDA team. Since then he has excelled in project management, commercial buildings, 6 story wood buildings, and client liaison eventually leading him to become a partner at LDA in 2015. In his spare time outside of work Talin enjoys spending time with his Wife and Daughter as well pretty much anything sports related.

Email: tgregory@ldaeng.ca

Ivan cabezas

CAD Manager, Principal

With over 20 years in the industry and a successful career in the structural and architectural drafting field, including owning his own businesses, Ivan decided to join up with two long-time friends, Brad & Julien, in 2014.  In addition to his technical skills, Ivan uses his people and communication skills to oversee and create a stable, creative and fun working environment for the LDA drafting staff.  When he’s not burning the midnight oil at the office, you can find Ivan playing cards against humanity or taking road trips with his wife and three sons.  And if he needs a little alone time, he hits the road for a run or takes it into the boxing ring.  After all, he is our own in-house Corporate Boxing Champ!

Email:  icabezas@ldaeng.ca

cory pelletier

p. eng, Principal

As a kid, Cory grew up always curious about buildings and structures and how they were constructed. He loved to play with his Lego and construct the models from all the kits that he had. For Cory, as an adult, it was a passion to learn about structures and engineering first in college that led him to leave home to attend Lakehead University and graduate with his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. Upon graduation, and since joining LDA in 2011, Cory has become our resident expert on curtain wall & glass design, roof top life safety anchors, concrete restoration, residential construction, and commercial building design. When Cory’s not on a golf course, snowboarding down a mountain or working in his yard he’s probably knocking out walls in his own house, helping a buddy build a deck, or giving advice to a neighbor on a renovation.

Email: cpelletier@ldaeng.ca

eric lavergne

e.i.t., principal

Growing up Eric always enjoyed and excelled in mathematics and physics, that in addition to having a father who was an engineer, Eric always had his own engineering career in mind.  He worked in the field constructing buildings as an carpenter’s apprentice for a few years before he decided he wanted more out of the industry.  That’s when he decided to attend Red River College and soon after Lakehead University where he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2013.  Since then Eric has become LDA’s leading expert in Steel Stud framing as well as has been lead structural designer on many educational, commercial and industrial buildings.  When he’s not at work, you can find Eric on the golf course, playing hockey, or cheering on his favourite team in either a Jets or Bomber jersey depending on the season. 

Email: elavergne@ldaeng.ca

Jason nguyen


Jason’s interest in learning how structures are built led him to Red River College where he studied Structural Engineering Technology.  After graduating from Red River, he decided to further his skills by attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.  During his summers while still in school Jason worked on several construction sites as a site supervisor where he gained valuable knowledge of the construction world.  Due to his background in construction Jason has vast knowledge of the construction process which is prevalent in his structural designs.  He also always seems to develop strong relationships with the contactors he works with as he can easily relate and understand they challenges they face on a day to day basis.  When he’s not problem solving on site you will likely find him on a lake with a fishing rod in hand.

Email: jnguyen@ldaeng.ca

yinka Olarewaju


Yinka found his interest in Engineering due to an early enjoyment for mathematics which coincidentally was his Dad’s preference for his future profession. Unfortunately, his Mom preferred him studying Medicine and although he considered it he knew that Engineering was his true passion. After graduation Yinka began his career as an Engineer and has never looked back since. Yinka’s enjoyment for the mathematics has made him an excellent Engineer who enjoys the daily challenges the industry brings. Outside of Engineering Yinka enjoys watching or playing soccer, listening to music, and spending time with his family.

Email: yolarewaju@ldaeng.ca

charles koop


Charles decided to enter the Engineering world after obtaining a math degree and spending some time working construction for a few years after graduation. As he always excelled in mathematics and also enjoyed the daily and real-life problem-solving construction brings, Engineering was a perfect fit. Charles originally worked at LDA during his last summer as a student, at that point it became clear that he was somebody LDA needed to keep and the following year, upon graduation, he joined the team full time as an EIT. Charles is incredibly bright and always the first person looked for when dealing with difficult math problems and questions. Charles strong technical background as well as his practical experience from working construction makes him very well suited for the Engineering profession. In between solving math puzzles and teaching himself the Dvorak keyboard, Charles enjoys spending time with his family playing board games, hiking, and riding bikes around town.

Email: ckoop@ldaeng.ca

dale kozarsky

P. Eng., LEED AP

Dale has always enjoyed math and science courses as well as had an interest in buildings and bridges. Engineering seemed to be the perfect combination of those items and after enjoying a first-year statics course, continuing down the path to become a Structural Engineering was the most natural choice. After graduation from University of Manitoba Dale gained experience while working at a large architectural firm as a Structural Engineer. It was there Dale further developed his interest and appreciation for Architecture and how structural systems can complement and work with the overall Architectural design. Currently Dale is one of our most experienced Engineers and is always top choice for Architects when looking for someone to work on their projects. His appreciation of the Architectural details and his willingness to provide creative structural solutions for difficult Architectural requests makes him a very valuable team member here at LDA. In his spare time Dale also enjoys spending time outdoors as well as lacing up the skates for his recreational hockey league team.

Email: dkozarsky@ldaeng.ca

justina neufeld

Assistant CAD Manager

With a long-standing interest in Architecture and a passion for drawing and painting Justina found her fit in the drafting profession after graduating with honors from Winnipeg Technical College with a Technical Drafting Certificate. From there she has embraced a career that combines creativity, drawing, and Architectural aspects that have inspired her from the beginning. Justina is a key member of our team and brings vast experience coordinating with Architects and clients throughout the drawings process to create a very detailed drawing set ready for construction. Justina also works closely with our entire drafting team to ensure all projects are prepared to LDA’s standards and of high quality. In her personal time Justina enjoys spending time with her friends and family in Winkler, Mb as well as swimming and horseback riding whenever she can.

Email: jneufeld@ldaeng.ca

allan molino

CAD Technician

Allan seemed to be destined for a profession in structural detailing from the beginning. As a child he was always interested in drawing and spent lots of time drawings cartoons and sketching. It was after a field trip to the Manitoba Museum when he was grade 3 when his love for drawings buildings came clear. After the field trip the teacher asked the class to draw something they remembered from the trip to the museum. Rather than drawing an exhibit, Allan’s drawing was of the Bank of Montreal at Portage and Main, an iconic Winnipeg building. From there the rest is history and Allan has excelled in the construction industry using his technical drafting background as the foundation to a successful career. Outside of sketching buildings Allan most enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, camping, fishing as well as staying active by working out.

Email: amolino@ldaeng.ca

lindsay callow

CAD Technician

Lindsay’s interests in architecture, design and technology started at an early age as her grandfather, who was a career drafter, would explain how different structures were put together. With this strong influence, she decided to enroll at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in the CAD Technician program and has never looked back since. When’s she’s not busy creating drawings at LDA you will likely find her outdoors at the lake trying to catch a fish or spending time around the campfire with friends and family.

Email: lcallow@ldaeng.ca

michelle alagar

CAD Technician

Michelle discovered her enjoyment of using Auto CAD after completing an interior designer course at British Columbia’s Institute of Technology. From there she decided to expand her knowledge of the program and went on to take a CAD Technology Course where she could refine her skills. Since joining the LDA team she has taken the expertise she has in Auto CAD and utilized those skills to help streamline our process of creating structural construction documents. When she’s not at work helping our team break out of older inefficient drafting habits, you will likely find her trying to break out of an escape room as she has done over 80 of them!

Email: malagar@ldaeng.ca

molly ma

CAD Technician

Molly brings an incredible knowledge of technology to our office as she has a background in Software Engineering. When she decided it was time for a change Molly moved to Winnipeg to pursue an interest in drafting while maintaining her technical expertise by enrolling in a Technical Drafting program at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology. In addition to being very fluid with all the newest drafting programs and efficiencies, Molly helps us create and streamline processes within our office by utilizing her Software Engineering background. She also enjoys running and has been part of the LDA Manitoba Marathon relay team for the past 2 years, helping us lower that total time each year!

Email: mma@ldaeng.ca

maria hammer

CAD Technician

Maria gained an interest in drafting at high school where she found herself fascinated with how technical information could be communicated on 2D media. That fascination in addition to her enjoyment of solving puzzles, sketching, and reading books on history / archaeology led Maria to pursue various technical and post-secondary studies on the physical environment ultimately expanding her knowledge about the past, present and future. From there she found a natural fit in the drafting profession and has excelled in the preparation of very detailed technical drawings where nothing is overlooked. When Maria is not problem solving at work she still enjoys mind puzzles like sudoku as well as spending time with her family.

Email: mhammer@ldaeng.ca

juhee kim

CAD Technician

In 2012 while working in Central Africa, Juhee developed a strong interest in sustainable building technology and affordable building materials. From there she decided to embark on a new journey when she moved to Winnipeg and enrolled at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in the CAD Technician program. Juhee now brings technical drafting expertise to our team as well as global experience she gained while working in various locations around the world. In her spare time, you will likely find her enjoying our short Winnipeg summers skateboarding around town.

Email: jkim@ldaeng.ca

erin pierre

finance & Admin Manager

Erin graduated with Business Administration at Cambrian College before going on to work for large companies such as Pepsi and Westfair. After progressing through the ranks at her previous employers Erin was ready for a new challenge and joined our LDA team. Now Erin essentially does it all here at LDA. Not only does she thoroughly manage our finances she is also the H.R department, marketing department, and pretty much any other misc. department asked of her including planning company events. When she’s not busy with one of her many positions at LDA you will likely find her at the hockey rink or soccer field with one of her two girls. When she does have a moment to herself she also loves to run and does so in several races throughout the year.

Email: epierre@ldaeng.ca

julie bouche

Admin Assistant

Julie has been with LDA since 2010 and her role within the company has grown with every passing year. Currently Julie is the friendly voice you will hear when you first call our office as well as the friendly personality who will meet you as you first enter our door. Julie’s fun loving personality is an excellent fit at LDA as she is always there to make our clients feel at home when they come for meetings or just any miscellaneous visit. In addition to managing the front desk Julie makes every employee’s day to day life at LDA easier by helping with several tasks. Julie also has a strong love for dogs, owning three of her own at home. This works out great as there are three lucky dogs at our office that get to enjoy her love on a daily basis as well!

Email: jbouche@ldaeng.ca